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ChristWay – Christ’s Articles and Letters

Christ’s Articles were written in 2003-2004, after His Letters, and provide additional information related to the teachings, or place emphasis on a particular aspect of the Letters. See and

Article 4, Article 5,  Article 6, Article 7,   Article 8,   Article 9,  Article 10,

Article 11,  Article 12,  Article 13,  Article 14,  Article 15,  Article 16

Letter1,  Letter2 ,  Letter3,  Letter4,  Letter5,  Letter6,  Letter7,  Letter8,  Letter9

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…it is important to understand that the idea we have been fed which implies that science and spirituality have two opposing views on reality is absolutely wrong. The truth is that science and spirituality both explain the same principles but in two different languages, and that is why it is possible to “translate” many scientific concepts into spirituality and vice versa. So in metaphysical terms, the dimension of consciousness can be understood as a level of existence, or more precisely, as a plane of experiencing perception of reality. So depending on which dimension consciousness is manifested, it can be viewed as a plant, an animal, a human, an angel, etc, the same way that a circular object can be seen as a dot, a disk or a sphere….


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Pao Chang – EnergyFanatics, learning all about energy

In 2007, was founded with the innovation of teaching people how to think beyond conventional methods or “outside of the box,” so that they can free their minds and become empowered. It is a comprehensive blog dedicated to educating people about energy mechanics, energy vitamins, energy foods, energy frequency, energy vibration, energy healing, conscious living, alternative energy and spiritual science.

The topics of this blog are often based on both science and spirituality. These realms are like two sides of one coin and cannot be truly separated. This blog also encourages readers to question these topics as much as possible because, through questioning, the truth can be discovered. focuses not only on the physical health, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Because of this, you can expect to find information on energy mechanics, energy medicine, holistic healing, consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, nutrition, and self-improvement. In addition, how energy relates to your well-being and reviews on energy and health products to help you make healthier decisions.



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Neal Donald Walsch – List of names for God

There is a Higher Power, which humans have referred to by various names throughout history—and to this very day. A person named Colin provided me some time ago with what he called a non-exhaustive list of gods that various human societies have believed in at one time or another.

That list includes: Adonai, ægir, Akshar, Alfar, Allah, Amaterasu, An, Angus, Anshar, Anu, Anubis, Aphrodite, Apollo, Apsu, Ares, Artemis, Ashur, Aten, Atum, Atehna, Ataegina, Attis, Azura Mazda, Bacchus, Balder, Bast, Bes, Belenos, Benzaiten, Beyla, Bil, Bishamonten, Bragi, Brama, Brigid, Byggvir, Ceres, Cupid, Cybele, Dagda, Dagr, Daikoku, Damkina. Dana, Demeter, Deus, Dionysus, Disir, Diana, Divinity, Divine Mother, Ea, Ebisu, Eir, El-Gabal, Ekankar, Elohim, Elves, Endovelicus, Enki, Enlil, Eos, Eostre, Epona, Ereshkigal, Eris, Forseti, Freya, Freyr, Frigga, Fukurokuju, Gaia, Ganesh, Geb, God, Hadad, Hades, Hapi, Hari, Hathor, Heget, Heimdall, Hekate, Hel, Helios, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Herne, Hestia, Hoenir, Holda, Horus, Hotei, Hretha, Idunn, Imhotep, Inanna, Inari, Indra, Inti, Invictus, Ishtar, Isis, Izanagi, Izanami, Janus, Jehovah, Jord, Juno, Jupiter, Jurojin, Khepry, Khnum, Kingu, Kishar, Kon, Krishna, Lofn, Loki, Lord, Lugh, Maahes, Ma’at, Mahesh, Maia, Mama Cocha, Mama Quilla, Manco Capac, Manitou, Marduk, Mars, Mathilde, Mercury, Menhit, Minerva, Mithras, Mitra, Mon, Mont, Mummu, Nabu, Nammu, Nanna, Naunet, Nehalennia, Neith, Nephthys, Neptune, Nergal, Nerthus, Ninhursag, Ninlil, Nintu, Njord, Norns, Nott, Nunurta, Nut, Odin, Ormuzd, Osiris, Pachacamac, Pan, Parameshwar, Plutus, Poseidon, Proserpina, Ptah, Purush, Purushottam, Quetzalcoatl, Ra, Radha Soami, Ram, Rama, Ran, Runesocesius, Saga, Saxnot, Selene, Sekhmnet, Set, Shamash, Shef, Shiva, Sif, Sin, Siofn, Skadi, Snotra, Sobek, Sol, Susanoo, Syn, Tefnut, Tengu, Thor, Theos, Thoth, Thuno, Tiamat, Tir, Tlaloc, Tsukiyomi, Tyr, Ull, Uranus, Utu, Vali, Var,  Varuna,Venus, Vesta, Vidar, Vishnu, Vor, Vulcan, Weyland, Woden, Yahweh, Zeus, Zaramama.

Whatever name we give It, it is (as I have noted earlier) indisputable that the largest number of human beings believe in a Higher Power. Yet our idea about God—that It is “Something Other”—is what I believe has been inaccurate. This idea is a carryover from the earliest story we told ourselves about The Power Greater Than Us. That first idea is what created what I have called a Separation Theology.

Love and Hugs,

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Andrew Bayuk channeling Elan of the Essassani

Channeled by Andrew , this being Elan is from the Essassani civilization and offers profound information on the mechanics of “how” we each create our own reality. This information is very similar to the wisdom offered by Bashar – another being from the same civilization. However, each of these two beings focuses on emphasizing different “facets” of this civilization’s “data-base” of accumulated Wisdom.


A rare video from 1992 of Andrew Bayuk channeling Elan of the Essassani. Very similar to Bashar of the Essassani. Much love and gratitude to Elan and Andrew for this amazing information…


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Julia Cannon – The language of the body

Every ache, pain, and symptom is the body delivering a message of importance to you in its own unique language.  The only problem is, we don’t have the translation manual for this language – until now.  We are much greater than the sum of our physical parts.  We are a spiritual being residing in a physical body.  We came into this dimension to have experienced and to grow.  We have constant guidance and support from our other parts as we go about having these experiences.  It is very easy to forget who and what we really are and why we have placed ourselves here.  Our higher selves are constantly communicating with us to help us stay on the path we have chosen for our growth.  One of the easiest ways to get our attention is through pain, so that’s why we use it.  When we learn to communicate directly with these parts, we no longer need the physical messages.

Eg: Cancer is unresolved anger and other signs of the body…



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