Gregg Braden – The 7 Essene Mirrors

The technique/system has been discovered in 1947 in Nag Hammadi Essene texts so is probably around 2000 years old. These ideas are being revived and adapted by a group of researchers and scientists, including Gregg Braden. The idea is based on the people we meet in our outer world mirroring our inner world. It is all explained in the links below, but just to give you a brief idea, the 7 Essene Mirrors are:

First Mirror – this is the mirror we are all familiar with. It is known as The Mirror of the Moment

Second Mirror – this mirror is The Mirror of That Which is Judged. This is the mirror that we have the most trouble with.

Third Mirror – This is the mirror of relationships. The Mirror of That Which is Lost, Given Away, or Taken Away.

Fourth Mirror – this is the mirror of compulsive/addictive behaviors, The Mirror of the Most Forgotten Love.

Fifth Mirror – The Mirror of the Mother/Father. Holds and reflects your expectations and beliefs of your relationship with your heavenly Father/Mother.

Sixth Mirror – The Mirror of the Dark Side of Soul. The Dark Side of the Soul is your way of re-defining your perception of one, or some combination, of the Universal Fears of Abandonment, Separation, Self Worth, Trust, etc.

Seventh Mirror – The Mirror of Self. Your view of yourself in anything other than perfection will reveal your greatest doubt (least trust) in the One.




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