Rick Strassman: DMT – The Final Frontier

There is also no doubt that our bodies produce the chemical dimethyltryptamine: DMThttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimethyltryptamine. Dr. Rick Strassman’s almost exclusive, yet extensive work has shown the effects of a DMT “trip”, to be most likened to reports of near death experiences, alien abductions, encounters with spiritual beings, or feeling wide awake in the most incredible of dreams. Indeed, our bodies take a required, daily physical and mental break from our reality that we accept as sleep. During which, I believe there is a mechanism that releases the appropriate amount of DMT required for your mind to peacefully enjoy whatever hallucination it can conjure – dreaming in REM. (Does the pineal gland produce or simply regulate the chemical, seems to be the final wrangling point for science…http://disinfo.com/2013/05/breakthrough-dmt-found-in-the-pineal-gland-of-live-rats/)

See: http://www.grahamhancock.com/forum/AliverniaM6.php


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