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The spiritual meaning of sexuality

The power of sexuality in its most ideal form can convey more fully than any other human experience what spiritual bliss, oneness, and timelessness are. In the total sexual experience you break through the confines of time and separateness to … Continue reading

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Google – Material Design

In this session, design leads across Google discuss the key principles of material design, and set the stage for the later sessions focusing on interaction, motion and visual design. See: and

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The Pathwork

The Pathwork® is a body of practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness, down to the very core of our being. It is a voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers … Continue reading

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Overleaves: the structure of personality

Imagine being able to design your own personality. In some computer games and online worlds, you can do just that. You choose an ‘avatar’, a virtual identity, to represent you. Starting with a basic template, you can select your avatar’s physical … Continue reading

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10 Things you need to know about loosing weight.

In this programme, medicaljournalist Michael Mosley investigates the latest scientific breakthroughs in slimming, uncovering ten of the simplest ways you can shed those pounds. See: and:

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DemocracyOS and Loomio: Democracy using Internet

Pia Mancini and her colleagues want to upgrade democracy in Argentina and beyond. Through their open-source mobile platform they want to bring citizens inside the legislative process, and run candidates who will listen to what they say. See: and: and

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Big History Project

Journey through nearly 14 billion years of history. Ask the big questions about our universe, our planet, life, and humanity. Explore where we are going in the future and challenge  to develop the skills and knowledge. See:

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