Seth – The Nature Of Personal Reality

Considered by many to be Seth’s “greatest” work, The Nature of Personal Reality is simply the best manual ever written on the art of consciously creating your reality. In it Seth provides a clear articulation of how people create their reality from their thoughts, emotions and beliefs and provides the tools for individuals to truly take charge of their minds and their lives. To this day it stands out as one of the finest metaphysical books ever written!




The Seth philosophy states that:
– you create both your own reality and physical matter effortlessly.
– you are not at the mercy of any external deity.
– you are multi-dimensional beings; more than our physical bodies.
– time and space are dimensional “illusions” the collective as one creates.
– your core being, exists where time and space does not exist.
– you have multiple, perhaps infinite, life experiences.
– problems not faced in this physical life will be faced in another.
– your fate is in your hands, everything experienced is your own “doing”
– there is no one to blame for your “misfortunes,” for you chose this life and all it’s challenges before incarnating as the person you now see in the mirror.


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