Our Pathway Home

We are like prisoners during war. We are behind enemy lines, captives. We are vulnerable. Although we are not strong and we can be easily led and frightened, I ask you now to take tiny steps to save yourself. I will be with you every step, but I cannot do it for you. No one can do it for you. There will be no savior coming to help us. We are alone in this fight and we must help each other.

But we can become strong. Together we can heal and reclaim all that we are including our freedom. And when we have become strong enough, we will stand together and make so powerful a change that the heavens will respond!

Until then, do not be known. Stay near me and I will lead you through the maze where we are captives. I will lead you as gently as I can. I have already reclaimed much of myself and I can help you. And then you will help me.

I have four weapons to give you in our fight to survive.

These four weapons are Remembering, Accepting Your Feelings, Changing your Beliefs and Making New Decisions. Used properly, these weapons will bring you back to who you really are. They will give you a chance to live and live as you were meant to live.

See: http://www.cyquest.com/pathway/menu.html


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