Paul Lowe – Insights with clarity, caring, and humour

Paul Lowe has travelled around the world many times, exploring deserts
and jungles, living with indigenous peoples, gurus and crooks,
counseling street people as well as the rich and famous. Throughout,
Paul’s passion has been the study of human potential. He is continually
encouraging people to step beyond what they think is possible.

The experiences he has made throughout his rich life are a confirmation of what the sages have been
saying forever. There is nothing new here – no new theory, no teaching and no technique. What is new is
Paul’s unique way of communicating the wisdom of the ages.

Paul shares his insights with clarity, caring, and perhaps most importantly, humour. He encourages people
not to agree or disagree with what they are hearing, but feeling deep within while listening. Every one of
us already knows the truth. We just need reminding.



About luuksluijter

Be yourself, enjoy life, respect those arround you and appreciate whatever comes on your way.
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