Perfect Health

Simple things that are the foundation of Complete and Perfect Health and easy to do. Take them one at a time. Supports your body’s natural intelligence for Wellness.

  1. Oxygenate! Breathe deeply often, intentionally, consciously.
  2. Hydration. WATER. Your body loves pure water. 1-2+ Qt/day
  3. Move about. Move your body to allow flushing, utilize elements of nutrition. Flows energy through you.
  4. Reduce stress. Let go that which does not bring you joy.
  5. Reduce toxins in system. Cleanse your system. Pay attention to what you ingest. Choose organics whenever possible.
  6. Lighten up your diet. Ingest things with more water. Fresh. Smaller amounts of protein via meat. The more natural the food is, the more it delivers the nutrients to your body.




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Be yourself, enjoy life, respect those arround you and appreciate whatever comes on your way.
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