12 Densities / 13 Dimensions

What about the higher dimensions?
from http://www.salrachele.com/webarticles/dimensionsanddensities.htm
It’s hard to put higher dimensions into Earthly language. Think of an onion, but reversed from the way it is normally described. The higher dimensions are deeper and more essential than the superficial “outer” layers, yet the higher layers contains the lower ones, and so they are more vast, unlike the onion, whose inner layers are smaller. I cannot even visualize this, but I feel it to be true, and the work of many metaphysical pioneers seems to back it up. Dimensions are both concave and convex simultaneously, as I see it — it’s hard to fathom this with our 3D brains.

To reiterate, the “reverse onion” analogy suggests that the lower dimensions are contained within the higher ones. The higher dimensions are where duality and separation are seen as illusions. It is indeed difficult to convey the reality of higher dimensions to those of us who appear to be stuck in the lower dimensions. Love is a higher-dimensional reality that is distorted as it “cascades down” into the realms of perceived duality. That is why we have so many forms (agape, romantic, etc.).

This table shows the levels of consciousness, in ascending order:

Level           State of Consciousness

1           Existence, non-biological
2           Instinctual, emotional, animalistic
3           Intellectual, logical, rational mind, ego
4           Creative, imaginative, psychic, intuitive
5           Pure intelligence, insight, love
6           Causal level, soul level (last level of individuality)
7           Oversoul level (group consciousness)
8           Avatar level (a high level of mastery)
9           Christ level (unconditionally loving consciousness)
10           Cosmic level (cosmic consciousness)
11           God level (God consciousness)
12           Universal level (Universal consciousness)
13           The Void, the Great Mystery

Over the years, I’ve refined my system of dimensions and densities somewhat based on personal experience and verification from other sources. Here’s what I’ve got:

1st Density:             Mineral kingdom
2nd Density:            Plant & lower animal kingdom
3rd Density:            Higher animal & lower human
4th Density             Low: Astral, lower emotional realms
4th Density             High: Etheric, higher mental realms
5th Density             Low: Causal, creative realms
5th Density             High: Soul (last level of individuality)
6th Density:            Oversoul (social memory complex)
7th Density:            Master oversoul, atmic plane
8th Density:            Avatar planes, celestial heavens
9th Density:            Christ planes, Buddhic planes, lower God worlds
10th Density:           Higher God realms
11th Density:           Universal realms
12th Density:           The source; the mystery, the Tao
13th and beyond:    The void, unmanifested creation

From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id2zeIVJdlM

12 Chacras corresponds to the level of connection Story of 12:

  1. Root (Red): Core identity, core beliefs, awareness of being alive,
  2. Growth (Orange): Creativity, sexuality, Survival, Sustainability
  3. Solar plexus (Yellow) Self-awareness . allows you to feel, guts, will, power
  4. Heart(Green): Connection with others, Love, Compasion with others, Awareness of the law of one, no judgment
  5. Throat (Blue): Speech Wisdom Truth, vocal expThirdion
  6. Tird eye: Pshychic abilities, see beyond 3D: awareness integration of love and light, light and love
  7. Crown Chacar Gateway to infinite intelligence
  8. Invisible realm: 1 feet above your head, Another archive., the invisible realm
  9. Moon: Steward of earth, see from moon perpective.., wather of earth
  10. Solar system, all that is there
  11. Galaxy system local saler influences
  12. Universe: Rest of the universe, no access for humans

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