The Seven Bodies And Seven Chakras

… There is another important difference between a sleeping man and an awakened man which we should bear in mind. A sleeping man does not know who he is, so he is always striving to show others that he is this or he is that. This is his lifelong endeavor. He tries in a thousand ways to prove himself. Sometimes he climbs the ladder of politics and declares, “I am so and so.” Sometimes he builds a house and displays his wealth, or he climbs a mountain and displays his strength. He tries in all ways to prove himself. And in all these efforts he is in fact unknowingly trying to find out for himself who he is. He knows not who he is…


7 bodies correspond to 7 chakras:

  1. Physical body: Sex urge <-> Meditation/Celebacy
  2. Emotional body (Etheric): Fear/Hate/Anger/Voilence <-> Love/Compassion/Fearlessness/Friendlyness
  3. Astral body: Doubt/Thinking <-> Trust/Awareness
  4. Mental body (Pshyche): Imagination/Dreaming <-> Determination/Will
  5. Spritual body: non dual
  6. Cosmic body
  7. Nirvanic body

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